returnable (interventions)

To be returnable means to have been thought for a re-use (as some kind of bottles are) or a check after the use (as some kind of documents are), to have been designed as something supposed to come back to the starting/emitting position, or to re-enter a cycle: at least it is a condition for being recyclable. But the corresponding image for returnability is not the circle as an A to A connection (over B, C, D, ...), but a 2-way segment (an A to B plus B to A connection). Returnability has a kind of dialogical touch referring to multiple actors, or multiple functional estates, differentiated possibilities of context. It is also the attitude which authority has to evaluate for a citizen leaving the homeland: will the citizen be able to return (is the passport able to bring him/her back)?

A 1st returnable format was developed from april 2008 to march 2009 in cooperation with Echo Ho and Fei Jun (CAFA Beijing), and co-funded by the german DAAD exchange programme.

Public Communication Belt, Beijing 2009 | photographer Liu Feng

Returnable - spaces, data, things

A 2nd returnable intervention program was developed in cooperation with Stefanie Stallschus and noarte paesemuseo (San Sperate, Sardinia) from October 2009 to February 2010.

perimetro della zona militare di Decimomanno
Decimomanno 2010

returnable 20II

A 3rd returnable program took place in November 2011 with the participation of Malgorzata Calusinska, Martin Rumori, Dirk Specht, Susanna Schoenberg, Franziska Windisch. Drafts of the returnable field work were presented at Museo del Crudo, San Sperate.

states of documents, Montevecchio 2011