AV compost excerpts

video setup for 4 screens

The recordings of AV compost excerpts were made in working situations of the workshop We Are Compost, Not Post-Human - Queer-feminist Compostings of the Anthropocene (Cologne, April 2018). The realization and successive treatment of the video recordings are understood as an unmediated disposal of and repeated attempt to engage with a subject of thought to be found: the programmatic technique of finding the form of such a subject of thought wants to be the technique of composting.
The video sequences refer to situations of exchange, gestures of thinking, articulating and appropriating linguistic images, cathegories of thought, perspectives of existence. The speculative effort is generated in small groups; the small group is connected at a table situation, so that the table and the cut that a table creates in space and body behavior becomes the first active formative element of a visual recording and camera strategy.
The AV recordings have been processed as texts to be composted, edited, optionally interrupted, decelerated, acoustically alienated, so that they remain as indications of thoughts that have been produced collaboratively, plastically, medially, and in the best case can be followed with headphones.

Dead means Dead, 2018/2020

The video originates from the lecture of Henriette Gunkel The Sea is History, and the Future too: The Capitalocene in the context of the Black Atlantic.

Deep Water, 2018/2022
Plastic Table, 2018/2022

The 4th episode is titled Dissolution Table. The spoken text was realized in collaboration with members of the collective Kompostistische Internationale.

Dissolution Table, 2018/2022