deep interview

on shaping and monitoring of borders

deep interview, video still
video stills, 2016/2018
deep interview
deep interview

deep interview represents a conversational situation — not based on identity, but comparing different language systems.

The subject of the conversation is going to emerge due to asking questions taken from two different (complementary) contexts: the one mirroring the systemic “need” for monitoring—the need for a picture of the EU borders —, the other focussing on corresponding unmonitored substances, the needs and perspectives of asylum seekers.

The origin of the video is the plot of a performance lecture based on asking questions and dedicated to practices of (machine-like) monitoring. The origin of the performance plot is a particular text technique suitable for unpleasant objects of investigation, which treats them as very literally. Of the so-called deep interview we only experience the questions.

As a performance plot deep interview was written in collaboration with Christiane König, and was first presented at THE SOCIAL – 4th International Association for Visual Culture Biennial Conference of 2016. As a video deep interview was edited in 2018 both for screening and installation. Featuring Valeria Risi and Christiane König. Sound designed by composer and sound artist Dirk Specht.

A presentation of deep interview is part of Renata Summo-O‘Connell (ed.), decolonize! art, curatorial and critical practices in contemporary times, artegiro publishing, 2018.