targets (in the desert)

sensors directed 2-channel-video | panorama photography | 2005-07

targets #1, 2005


keyboard operated 2-channel-video | panorama photography | 2003

setting is structured in 3 moments:
1 a set situation, where the simultaneity of parallel running performances becomes spatial
2 a series of panoramic pictures as a document of the same set situation
3 an interface between the videorecorded actions and the viewer, which allowed a kind of navigation over time and space.

setting pretends to reduce narration into space and time structures: 5 spaces were developed where 5 performances have taken place sharing a common dramaturgic time.

4 of the set situations are monologues: excerpts of private interiors where single women are improvising their mental interiors. The 5th situation introduces 3 men playing cards. The card game is fixing the dramaturgic running time (around 12 minutes).

setting #1, 2003

D/B (demeter meets baubo)

2-channel video installation | 2002

D/B presents the ritual meeting or the co-existence of two female figures. The video on the left shows demetra staging her never ending cycles. On the right sits baubo, the headless goddess who used to look from the bosom and speak from the vagina.

On the one side the biological-political woman, the female trinity who gives life and death; on the other the sexual woman without any function, neither in the reproduction nor in the social sense, carring no “knowledge” but wit.

Their language is not common; their setting is static, their expression excessive, their outfits plain and simple. In the background, human time is scrolling by.

altitude, Cologne 2002