multimedia installation, 2020

ZAUN+SCHIFF combines different issues in concern of the determination of value: the value of material artifacts and material processes, and the ideal value of art, trust and collaboration.

installation view @damdam gallery, Berlin 2020
damdam gallery, Berlin 2020

Installation components: fence panel, fence feet, LCD displays and contact loudspeakers mounted on wooden planks, amplifier, network-synchronized multimedia boards, video looping algorithm, cables and connectors.
Videoclip of 62 minutes, 3840x1024 pixel over 3 displays (1280x1024 each), H.264, color, AAC, 48000 Hz, stereo.
The soundtrack of the 3-channel-video is composed by Ji Hyun Park.

ZAUN+SCHIFF intends to create a (poetic) short circuit between the image of fencing and bordering, and the activities related to transcontinental navigation, inducing jumpy associations to realities like migration and colonialization, exploitation of resources and its environmental impact, but also to attitudes of contemplation, caring, "being with" or "through" others. A piece of fence model Canada was negotiated and finally ordered over (on May 29, 2020); it was delivered to the Tianjin port by Hebei Giant Metal Technology Co.; it went on board of the container ship Cosco Shipping Capricorn (IMO: 9783514, 20000 TEU carrying capacity, 400 meters length overall (LOA), 59 meters width), sailing from Tianjin to Hamburg (on June 7, 2020) under the flag of Hong Kong. The shipping route over Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Singapore, Suez, Athens, Gibraltar, Rotterdam, is envisioned by a flow of images and sounds collected on the web in relation to the coordinates of FENCE+SHIP, day by day, until the fence has been unloaded from the ship in Hamburg (on July 17, 2020).

Produced with the support of the Cultural Centre of the South Korean embassy in Berlin.