ohne Titel | senza titolo

audio-video setup, 2017/2018

stills from the video footage, 2017

untitled is a biographic video text about buckles, material ties, fragile family relationships, unresolved territorial boundaries, and the scale of lies: it intends the deconstruction of an object behind some found objects––something unspoken, but traceable and still there.

A bag of non-toxic material. In the bag 33 different buckle shapes, 1 big button, probably made of bakelite, 7 small black pearls, pieces made of cardboard, felt, yarn, metal.
1 buckle is made of sheet metal and comes from GERMANY. Some cardboards are inscribed in German, with words like black, gray.. Printed scraps of words can be read on one of the cardboards: MANUFACTU - CHOICEST AUSTRI-
Then serial numbers are stamped, like 9366 and 23, handwritten are letters, like Z H C or maybe Z H E.
Even small prices are written by hand, like 1 point 50.

How old are these things? In which currency are the prices?
The Reichsmark was introduced in Austria in 1938. It corresponds at that time to a purchase value of about 4.50 euros.

235 pieces. A piece of bakelite, a piece of sheet metal. All the others made of something else, maybe thermoplastic or some urea resin. They are colorful, look like licking on the front, rough on the back.

New objectivity and the emancipation of things. As early as 1934 there were neither Jews nor leftists in Austria's New Werkbund. The history of plastics is also a history of fascism and war.

In the history of these plastic things the so called Anschluss plays a role, the race laws and the recruitment of ethnic Germans in the Italian and Slovenian Alpine region.