performing the archive

the film, which deals with the shame of being affected by toxic images, received an honorable mention at the Buenos Aires Indie Shorts Awards 2024.

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the diary of Anne Schöne

Diary of evil deeds, words and thoughts by Anne Schöne is part of Die Bar. Liora Epstein im Dialog mit Jürgen Drescher und Reinhard Mucha, exhibition and program at Kaiser Wilhelm Museum Krefeld in the series Collection Satellite – opening on May 23, 7 pm.

As a contemporary witness of perestroika, today in political self-exile, removed from her own consequences – other countries, diverse women and men, native languages, separated from people with an identitarian understanding – Anne Schöne was invited to write for Liora Epstein in order to fill a socialistic costume and become a character in dispersed non-existence (2023). The diary of Anne Schöne is part of a new edition with added entries from the years 1978-2024.


THEARTOFCELEBRATION PLAYLIST is going to be screened at Julia Stoschek Foundation Düsseldorf from October 12 until October 15, 2023, from 11 am to 6 pm.

THEARTOFCELEBRATION PLAYLIST is a film realized in the framework of Zweihundertfünfzig Jahre Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. THEARTOFCELEBRATION is a concept developed by mediatedreality&performance, Rabea Chatha, Aljoscha Lahner, Lea Oreyzi, Susanna Schoenberg, Malin Speicher, Jessica Tille, Jani Vrangaki, Liuxizi Yang, with the contribution of Matthias Neuenhofer and Volker Hennes.

Illustrations that are no longer mine

Selected affiche patterns from my archive are referring to: Compost, Ruins, Staying with/in, Diffraction, In/human(e), Agency, New Materialism, Critique of the Anthropocene

Kompostistische Internationale, (Kompost)Bleiben in/mit den zerstörerischen Spuren und ruinierten Böden des Anthropozäns is part of INSERT (Artistic Practices as Cultural Inquiries) #4 (dis/sense in der Anthropozänkritik)

elementary articulations

on social inequalities – randomizing class, social disadvantage and privilege, a deconstructed performance lecture

the performance is a contribution to the exhibition concept my monster is my home by Nadine Karl.



the first sketch of the video composition pills&drops is part of the exhibition and happening program of OPENINGHAPPENING presented at NKR Neuer Kunstraum Düsseldorf.


book release with Rheinische Sektion der Kompostistischen Internationale

Dissolution Table is part of the book launch of Queerfeministische Kompostierungen des Anthropozäns – Ökologien, RaumZeiten, VerAntworten edited by Kompostistische Internationale with contributions from Christiane König, Stephan Trinkaus, Astrid Schrader, Martha Kenney, Fedora Hartmann, Susanna Schoenberg, Joshua Ben Pesch, Friederike Ahrens, Jannis Steinke, Henriette Gunkel, Katharina Tiemann, Katja Stüben, Fiona Schrading.

@weyerstrasse51 Cologne, from 5 to 10 pm.

hall of collaborations

with contributions by Céline Berger, Ji Hyun Park, Evamaria Schaller, Susanna Schoenberg, Ivana Sidjimovska, Therapeutische Hörgruppe und Kompostistische Internationale.

The video projection Dissolution Table realized in collaboration with the interdisciplinary collective Kompostistische Internationale, and a series of manifest-like artifacts on the theme of Solidarity of Art from a joint research with Ivana Sidjimovska are going to be presented at Contemporary Art Ruhr as part of an exhibition curated and produced by arte e parte.

(nicht) diskret, aufgelöst

Praktiken des monitoring (eines schwindenden Subjekts)

By invitation of the seminar Media and Technology Criticism in the Arts @HfG Karlsruhe the lecture presents art works in the perspective of a mediated realism focused on denial, appropriation, negotiation, subversion of its relational subjects and instruments.

Dissolution Parcours

installations and interventions reflecting transfer (of knowledge and languages), transparency (of) and participation (in processes)

Dissolution Table is part of the Dissolution Practices Parcours developed by arte-e-parte and a.r.t.e.s. kunstfenster as a contribution to the conference a.r.t.e.s. forum in Cologne.

abysse (2021), still from the embedded version
Performing the archive

WE would (really) have to destroy some items of the archive

Participating in the presentation Calling the Anthropomorphic Cabinet at Domagkhalle Munich: during the exhibition single contribution pages will be bound into a catalog; single video contributions will be playable on a game platform. Opening on July 4, 6 pm, Margarete-Schütte-Lihotzky-Strasse 30.

still frame, Dissolution Table, 2018/2022
(dissolution) timescapes

the practice of re-turning and re-membering

Contributing to Composting Feminist Methodology, a panel of Kompostistische Internationale for Social Change in a Feminist Perspective: Situating Gender Research in Times of Political Contention, 11th European Feminist Research Conference 15-18 June 2022, University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan.

sketches of dissolution

A miniature of the video work Dissolution Table is part of the presentation Dissolution Practices at a.r.t.e.s kunstfenster @Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne.


performing the archive

the film is part of the 8th Andromeda Film Festival program, and winner in the Jury Special Section

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Anordnung Ansammlung Anzeige (AT)

the prototype for an electricity generating sound object installation is part of Raummusik und so – Common Ground, NeuLand-Gartengelände, Alteburger Straße 176, 50968 Cologne

deep interview

(conversation setup)

the setup is part of Architectures of Noise – Oscillations between knowledge and realities – Phase one: Codex of ambiguity , an exhibition curated by Evelina Rajca for W139 Amsterdam.

raum #002

Frequenzwechsel | cambio di frequenza

the audiovisual composition is part of the Joseph Beuys' container @Teatro OUT OFF Milan. Here on youtube stream from 1 hour 57 min approx.


performing the archive

the video is part of Calling the anthropomorphic cabinet, a project that responds to Salvador Dalí's painting Le cabinet anthropomorphique, 1936 as part of ༎ຶД༎ຶ's work in the exhibition Coming to Voice at K21 Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf.

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edition for Kunstwerte

arte e parte, agency for the collaboration among artists and the contextualization of contemporary art practices, presents KUNSTWERTE – an artistic intervention, designed in interaction with Stadtrevue Cologne, developed May/November 2020 - published December 2020/January 2021. KUNSTWERTE is documented on arte-e-parte.com

installation view @damdam Berlin, 2020

a fence on a ship

The installation attests and materializes the acquisition and the ship journey of a fence panel from China to Germany. The project is part of the exhibition Woher Weht der Wind und Wohin? (Where does the wind blow from and where to?) @damdam Berlin.

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with Deep Interview (on monitoring borders), excerpts from activities recordings of the rescue vessel Mare Jonio, and in conversation with Franziska Windisch.