sketches of dissolution

A miniature of the video work Dissolution Table is part of the presentation Dissolution Practices at a.r.t.e.s kunstfenster @Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne.


performing the archive

the film is part of the 8th Andromeda Film Festival program, and winner in the Jury Special Section

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Anordnung Ansammlung Anzeige (AT)

the prototype for an electricity generating sound object installation is part of Raummusik und so – Common Ground, NeuLand-Gartengelände, Alteburger Straße 176, 50968 Cologne

deep interview

(conversation setup)

the setup is part of Architectures of Noise – Oscillations between knowledge and realities – Phase one: Codex of ambiguity , an exhibition curated by Evelina Rajca for W139 Amsterdam.

raum #002

Frequenzwechsel | cambio di frequenza

the audiovisual composition is part of the Joseph Beuys' container @Teatro OUT OFF Milan. Here on youtube stream from 1 hour 57 min approx.


performing the archive

the video is part of Calling the anthropomorphic cabinet, a project that responds to Salvador Dalí's painting Le cabinet anthropomorphique, 1936 as part of ༎ຶД༎ຶ's work in the exhibition Coming to Voice at K21 Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf.

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edition for Kunstwerte

arte e parte, agency for the collaboration among artists and the contextualization of contemporary art practices, presents KUNSTWERTE – an artistic intervention, designed in interaction with Stadtrevue Cologne, developed May/November 2020 - published December 2020/January 2021. KUNSTWERTE is documented on arte-e-parte.com

installation view @damdam Berlin, 2020

a fence on a ship

The installation attests and materializes the acquisition and the ship journey of a fence panel from China to Germany. The project is part of the exhibition Woher Weht der Wind und Wohin? (Where does the wind blow from and where to?) @damdam Berlin.

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with Deep Interview (on monitoring borders), excerpts from activities recordings of the rescue vessel Mare Jonio, and in conversation with Franziska Windisch.